Our friend, comrade, and LIES collective member LaKeyma Pennyamon needs help with tuition and fees in order to return to college and complete her bachelor’s degree. LaKeyma is one of the most brilliant, incisive, and independent minds we have ever encountered, and seeing her kept out of school for financial reasons breaks our hearts. She is a Black same-gender-loving woman, a committed Black radical, a communist feminist, and an inspiring force in the city of Baltimore, where she lives and works. We are asking for help with LaKeyma’s first semester of tuition, enrollment fees, and other initial expenses to get the ball rolling for her and show her that her friends all believe in her limitless genius.

Any amount you can give, even a few bucks, makes a difference. And even if you can’t give, please share this through your tumblr, facebook, listservs, and social networks! We have 2 DAYS LEFT.

LaKeyma’s work will be featured in the upcoming LIES Vol. II. Please help us lift up our comrade! Thank you <3

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Here’s How NYC Public Schools Plans To Better Support Its Trans* Students


Here’s How NYC Public Schools Plans To Better Support Its Trans* Students


New York City Department of Education has implemented new guidelines for schools to support transgender students. With 1.1 million students, NYC is the largest public school system in the country, and has a lot of influence setting standards for how other big school systems and states support trans* students. “They’re taking a step in the right direction,” said Octavia Lewis, educational…

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Touki Bouki (dir. Djibril Diop Mambéty)

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Confessions of a Snow Queen: Owning Up to Our Racial Fetishisms


In Spring of 2011 I wrote and performed a poem “Tryna” expressing and owning up to my internalized racism and how it shapes my desire.


After performing this poem for the first time I had several queer people of color approach me and tell…

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The sadness of the moment when you recognize yourself as a genre, a genre decided for you before you even existed, a historical category. When the genre is always going to return you to the origin wound, so that you are consistently stuck defined and undefined by that original wound from which all…

Day one: Revolutionary Feminism Study Guide

great reading list! including some LIES essays :)

with links, from Arm the Spirit (http://armthespirit.weebly.com/archived-readings.html)

Session One: bell hooks

-Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics bell hooks

Session Two: Materialist Feminism

-Sex Race and Class by Selma James

-“The reproduction of…

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